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World Socialist Web Sitewsws.orgA comment on Boogie NightsEmanuele Saccarelli4 July 1998 Having read a few of the almost unanimously positivereviews by critics, I am convinced that Boogie Nights(written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson) is a moviethe mainstream media was able to praise only to the extentthat they either misunderstood it or refused to seriouslyanalyze it. The movie's trailers present it with the glossy, innocuouspackage of a sort of retro homage to the 1970s: perhapsmildly controversial due to its subject (the sex, the drugs, thecircus of futility and degradation that was the porno filmindustry of the late 1970s), but with enough allusions ofmoralistic outrage to pacify the more puritanical factions ofthe critics. As a narrow, voyeuristic peek into the pitifulabsurdities of such a world, the movie would represent justanother glitzy and useless work to which the audiences aresadly becoming accustomed. This is the Boogie Nights thecritics were ready to praise: part Pu...