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© 2020 JETIR March 2020, Volume 7, Issue 3 www.jetir.org (ISSN-2349-5162) JETIR2003281 Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research (JETIR) www.jetir.org 1975 A COMPARATIVE STUDY ON COLOUR PALETTE USED IN THE MOVIE THALAPATHI AND O KADHAL KANMANI. Tharun Mani V Student Journalism and Mass Communication, SRM Institute Of Science And Technology, Chennai, India. ABSTRACT: This research on color palettes analysis of Mani Ratnam movies compare two movies Thalapathi and O Kadhal Kanmani. Content analysis method has used to analysis the colour palette. Different frames and color analysed through emotions and character of the movie. Most of them are represent reddish, orange, yellow and light pink in both movies. Red colour shows love, war, anger, passions and emotions. Orange color vibrant, warmth, enthusiasm, Energy and humor. Pink shades show Romantic and happiness of the character emotionally through the scene. The scene, concept, reason and used different color wheel and palet...