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A Comparison of Three RecipesUsing Systemic FunctionalGrammarDominic CastelloMaster of Arts in Applied LinguisticsModule 3 AssignmentMarch 2014ELAL College of Arts & LawUniversity of BirminghamEdgbaston,Birmingham B15 2TTUnited Kingdom1FG1302Below you will find three texts all devoted to the subject of cooking and which all provideguidance in the preparation of certain recipes. They differ markedly, however, in key aspectsof their lexico-grammar and textual organisation. Apply the systemic functional frameworkto identify the key aspects of this variation, using your grammatical analysis to reachconclusions as to the ultimate stylistic and communicative differences between the texts.Text 1 (Ceefax recipe, cited in Goddard, A, 1998, The Language of Advertising, Routledge,London: 48)Chinese style duck with pilau riceIngredients(for 2 persons) 2 duck breasts 1 oz root ginger, peeled and crushed 4 tbsp waterMethod1. Heat a heavy-based frying pan and cook the duck breasts, skin side down, fo...