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407THE RAFFLES BULLETIN OF ZOOLOGY 2005THE RAFFLES BULLETIN OF ZOOLOGY 2005 Supplement No. 12: 407–412© National University of SingaporeA CONSERVATION ASSESSMENT OF THE SRI LANKAN AGAMIDAE(REPTILIA: SAURIA)Mohomed M. BahirWildlife Heritage Trust of Sri Lanka, 95 Cotta Road, Colombo 08, Sri LankaEmail: [email protected] D. SurasingheDepartment of Zoology, University of Colombo, Colombo 03, Sri LankaEmail: [email protected] Indian Ocean continental island of Sri Lanka (65,230 km2)is, together with the Wetsern Ghats of India, considered to bea global Biodiversity Hotspot (Myers et al., 2000). Despite SriLanka having had a terrestrial connection with India for muchof the past 500,000 years, ending only with the end of the lastglacial maximum ~ 10,000 ybp, its herpetofauna shows a highdegree of endemism: 92 of the 182 reptile species recognizedat present are considered endemic (Bahir & Maduwage, 2005;Bahir & Silva, 2005; Bossuyt et al., 2004; Das, 1996;Pethiyagoda & Man...