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44AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2016CC DESIGN TRENDSThe space the architects worked with, Paula explains, was originally made up of a long corridor, with a lounge area half way through and an executive office at the end of the corridor. And while the client gave the architects a relatively free hand when it came to design, there were a number of considerations to be made. “More storage and shelving was needed in the office, which was to incorporate a desk, boardroom table and small lounge, and it was also important to retain the existing lounge area and give it a new lease of life.”The original corridor suffered from a lack of light, making Paula and Katja’s main focus to lighten up the space. “We started off by painting the walls a light blue and carrying the colour on to the ceiling. Next, a series of portal frames – which also acted as architectural lighting – were introduced to the corridor, in order to break up the space, and for it not to look so dull and long,” she continues. “The corridor w...