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Congratulations! On your new Decorative Landscape Curbing provided by “A” + Creative Curb. 1. The concrete curb does not need to be sprayed or misted with water. 2. Keep pets, children and objects away from the curb for at least 24 hours. It will be "hard" to the touch at this point, but will still need a few days to get completely hard. 3. Sod laying, sprinkler work and landscape work can be started 24 hours after installation; however, caution must be taken as shovels, picks and wheelbarrows can damage the curb for several days while it is fully curing. 4. If you have a landscape contractor working for you, caution him about protecting the curb from damage. Never allow a vehicle to run over the curb. 5. If it begins to rain within 6 hours after we leave the job, try to cover the curb with plastic. Make sure sprinkler systems do not come on for at least 24 hours. Irrigation, back wash from pool, condensate lines, or rain can damage the curb during the first 24 hours. 6. Efflorescence ...