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- 51 -A DANGEROUS METHOD: DYNAMIC CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY AND THE CHALLENGE OF UNDERSTANDING EMOTIONALITY IN SOCIAL CONTEXTS*Viviana Langher 1Department of Dynamic and Clinical PsychologySapienza University, Rome, ItalyAbstractThis contribution aims to discuss how and to what extent emotionality affects opinions, beliefs, attitudes, therefore, the social behaviour of entire communities. The construct of the unconscious is presented in a modern perspective, beyond the individual vicissitudes of personal conflicts, unresolved experiences, and psychopathology. Based on Matte Blanco’s bi-logic theory of mind (1975), emotions, as a process of attribution of meaning to objects, persons and events, grounded on primary categories (such as, good and evil, big and small, inside and outside), may be shared by groups of individuals as well as entire communities in the form of “local cultures” (Carli & Paniccia, 2003), regulating their social behaviour towards given social stimuli. Dynamic clinical psy...