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Information Systems Education Journal (ISEDJ) 10 (2) April 2012 ©2012 EDSIG (Education Special Interest Group of the AITP) Page 55 www.aitp-edsig.org - www.isedj.org Teaching Case A Database Design and Development Case: Home Theater Video Robert Ballenger [email protected] Renee Pratt [email protected] Washington and Lee University Lexington, VA 24450 Abstract This case consists of a business scenario of a small video rental store, Home Theater Video, which provides background information, a description of the functional business requirements, and sample data. The case provides sufficient information to design and develop a moderately complex database to assist Home Theater Video in solving their management problem. Students should be able to create an Access database, populated with data, develop a series of queries, forms, reports, a switchboard, and execute pivot tables that satisfy the functional requirements given by the video store. Teaching notes containing suggested implementatio...