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A GUIDE TO RESTRUCTURING AND INSOLVENCY PROCEDURES IN EUROPE FOREWORD FOREWORDWe are delighted to publish an updated version of our Guide to restructuring and insolvency procedures in Europe. The Guide is designed to provide you with an overview of the relevant law in the diverse legal systems that operate across Europe. It will assist in ensuring that transactions (whether being originated or restructured or enforced) are structured in a way that maximises returns whilst minimising risks and exposures.Recent amendments have taken place in the context of national insolvency regimes, for example in Germany, Italy, Turkey, and Ukraine. These are considered in this latest publication. Others, such as in The Netherlands, are expected in due course. The Recast European Regulation of Insolvency Proceedings remains an important EU wide framework for allocating jurisdiction and for automatic recognition of insolvency and restructuring proceedings in cross border cases. Also of importance is th...