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A guide to selecting landscape plants for WisconsinA2865E.R. Hasselkus Deciduous treestall, 2medium, 4low, 5Evergreen trees, 7Deciduous shrubstall, 8medium, 10low, 11Evergreen shrubstall to medium, 13low, 14Vines, 14Groundcovers, 15Botanical names index, 17Common names index, 19CONTENTS 1The following is a list ofplants recommended forlandscape use inWisconsin. The list is notexhaustive, but includesmost of the better ornamental plantspecies and cultivars (cultivated vari-eties) that are usually available forsale in the state.The plants listed vary widely as totheir height, growth habit or form,color, texture, site and soil require-ments, and other characteristics. Theyare grouped according to height cate-gories and a brief summary of eachplant’s characteristics follows itsname.When selecting plants from a list, oneoften tends to consider the flower dis-play first of all. It is also important totake into account the year-round inter-est that the plant will provide in thelandscape. Reme...