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Adapted from Crown Copyright 2013 A Guide to Text Types: Narrative, Non-fiction and poetry Overview of structure, language features and key knowledge Adapted from Crown Copyright 2013 Text Types Information on a range of text types for literacy is contained here. The text types are broken into three genres: Narrative, Non- fiction and poetry. Each of these genres has then been sub-divided into specific text types such as adventure, explanation or a specific form of poetry, e.g. haiku. 1. Narrative 2. Non-fiction 3. Poetry Adventure Mystery Science Fiction Fantasy Historical fiction Contemporary fiction Dilemma Stories Dialogue, Play scripts, film narratives Myths Legends Fairy tales Fables Traditional tales guidance Discussion texts Explanatory texts Instructional texts Persuasion texts Non-chronological reports Recounts Free verse Visual poems Structured poems Adapted from Crown Copyright 2013 Narrative Narrative is central to children’s learning. They use it as a tool to help them or...