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A LITTLE BRONZE BUDDHA’S JOURNEYSome may call the following story of the little bronze Buddha a coincidence. Manychoose to believe that it is more like a miracle. It happened in Burma, and the storybegan about a week before the terrible Tsunami in 2004.It is a custom in Burma for people to set small statues of Buddhist sages adrift onthe river, where they are carried by the natural tides of the river towards the delta. Thebelief is that as they float along, the little statues drive away evil from the places theypass by. The statues look like Buddha, but, in fact, are often statues of other peopleheld holy by Burmese Buddhists.In mid-December, the people in a small village in Burma placed a bronze statue ofJalagupta, a Buddhist sage, on a crude raft tied together with clothesline. The littlestatue, about 12 centimetres long, was placed beside a tiny wooden hut, and near itwere three vases, a candle, some coins and a monk’s robe with the word “Burma”sewn on a tag inside it. After decorat...