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FEATURE: ESTATE PLANNING & TAXATION 34 / TRUSTS & ESTATES / trustsandestates.com / NOVEMBER 2020Benjamin N. Feder is a partner, and Rebecca A. Levin is an associate, both at Strauss Malk & Feder LLP in Chicago practitioners often employ an “in terrorem clause,” otherwise known as a “no-contest” clause. A no-con-test clause provides that any beneficiary who contests a will or trust shall forfeit some or all of his interest under the applicable will or trust. A no-contest provi-sion is meant to deter a beneficiary from contesting a will or trust (or corresponding accounting). Below is an example of a somewhat standard no-contest provi-sion (alternatives to follow below): No Contest. If any person beneficially interested in this Agreement shall enter into an agreement to, commence or, except as required by law, participate in any proceedings to: (a) contest the validity of this Agreement or any part thereof, (b) contest the validity of any other trust of which I am a grantor or any part t...