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A MODERN TRANSPORT SYSTEM FOR AGRICULTURE - A NEW PARTNERSHIP APPROACH INTRODUCTIONEarly Project Outcomes - Completed or will be completed before end June 2015PRODUCTIVITY GAINApproval for BAB Quad and ABB quad road train access to the 53.5-metre road train network between the Northern Territory border and Port Augusta.At least 8%Extending the maximum permitted length of a road train prime mover when operating as a semi-trailer from 19 to 20 metres.At least 10%Amending the existing SA tri-axle dolly policy to be nationally consistent.At least 6%Approval for HML heavy vehicles to access a number of Viterra grain sites.At least 14%Upgrading the road access on Carslake Road, Dublin from General Mass Limit (GML) to High Mass Limits (HML).At least 14%Increasing from 100 km to 160 km the travel radius beyond which a primary producer must carry and fill out a heavy vehicle fatigue work diary.Up to one hour per day per driverEstablishing a common registration date to make it easier for a farme...