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A 'monster' star-forming region spied byNASA's Spitzer26 October 2021 NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope imaged this cloud ofgas and dust. The colors represent different wavelengthsof infrared light and can reveal such features as placeswhere radiation from stars had heated the surroundingmaterial. Any resemblance to Godzilla is purelyimaginary. Credit: NASA/JPL-CaltechDo you see a monster in this picture? Do the brightspots near the top of the image look like thepiercing eyes and elongated snout of Godzilla? In reality, this colorful image shows a nebula—acloud of gas and dust in space—captured byNASA's Spitzer Space Telescope. Over billions ofyears, countless stars have formed in the materialthere. During their lifetimes, the radiation theyrelease carves away the gas and dust, reshapingthe cloud. Major changes also occur when massivestars die and explode, becoming supernovae.When viewed in visible light, the kind human eyescan detect, this region is almost entirely obscuredby dust clouds...