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A NEW RIDEFOR NEW JERSEYBuilding a Better Bus System It’s time for New Jerseyto rethinkthe bus.“” A New Ride for New JerseyA New Ride for New Jersey12table of contents3EXECUTIVE SUMMARY7INTRODUCTION13DESIGN STREETS TO PRIORITIZE BUSES9MAKE USING THE BUS EASY AND INTUITIVE19REDESIGN THE BUS NETWORK23MODERNIZE FARES37CONCLUSION39REFERENCES40ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS27BETTER DATA COLLECTION & TRANSPARENCY31INCREASE FUNDING A New Ride for New JerseyA New Ride for New Jersey34New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the country, and its people and economy depend on access to a modern and efficient transit network. Over the past 10 years, the state has failed to provide sufficient funds to meet the needs of New Jersey Transit (NJ Transit), even as a growing population places increasing demand on the state’s transportation network. While much of the public’s attention has focused on commuter rail and light rail systems, bus systems have experienced neglect as well.Today, more than half of all...