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272Park & De Grave: New species of PericlimenaeusINTRODUCTIONPericlimenaeus Borradaile, 1915, is one of the most diverse genera in the family Palaemonidae, with 85 species currently recognised (De Grave & Fransen, 2011; Bruce, 2013, 2014a, b, c, d; Ramos-Tafur & Lemaitre, 2017; Park et al., 2019; Park & De Grave, 2021) and several more species awaiting formal description (Bruce, 1969, 1970). The genus is near-cosmopolitan in distribution and appears to be primarily associated with either Porifera or Ascidiacea, although for many species, their exact host association is unknown (Bruce, 2013).Despite being located within the Coral Triangle, the marine palaemonid shrimp fauna of the Philippines remains poorly known, largely based on Bruce & Svoboda (1984), Bruce (1989), and Chace & Bruce (1993). Only six species of Periclimenaeus have been recorded before, to wit: Periclimenaeus aff. colodactylus Bruce, 1996; P. jeancharcoti Bruce, 1991a; P. minutus Holthuis, 1952; P. pachydentatus Bruce,...