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ELA Virtual LearningA.P. English Lit. and Comp.May 11, 2020 Lesson: May 11, 2020Objective/Learning Target: Students will be able to effectively analyze a piece of prose and write an effective essay in a timely manner. Success Starter Self Reflection:On a sheet of paper, reflect on past timed writings and FRQs and answer the following questions in a written response:1.Do you annotate the prompt?2.How much time do you spend reading the passage?3.Do you annotate the passage?4.How much time do you spend planning your essay?5.How long does it take you to write your thesis?6.Time it takes you to find evidence to support your thesis?7.Do you go back to make sure you answer all the prompt?8.Do you write a conclusion? Success Starter Help Part 1 Do you annotate the prompt?How much time do you spend reading the passage?Do you annotate the passage?●Always annotate the the prompt and passage. It will allow you to read faster- when you know what you are looking for, and ensures you answer all parts...