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A PRAYER BEFORE DAWN Written by Jonathan Hirschbein based on the book "A Prayer Before Dawn" by Billy Moore February 23, 2016 "This is a story of one man's fight against himself, knowing he would never win but trying anyway. Every fucking day of it was a war." - Billy Moore 2. Based on a true story 1 INT. SHACK (THAILAND) - NIGHT - ON A MAN'S HANDS 1 strong...raw skin, callused, with hard scar tissue build-up. Knuckles raised and damaged...They unfold a scrap of aluminum foil with a red pill inside it: `YABA'...Southeast Asia's crack cocaine. Zippo sparks beneath the foil -- Huge inhale, fumes rise and steam a glass Pyrex pipe. The Man chokes back, tries to hold the toke. He burps, smoke spurting from his nostrils. Meet BILLY MOORE...mid-20's, rugged, handsome, intense. We HEAR THAI VOICES O.C., sharp tones. Billy moves to a wall of rotted wood planks that divides the shack into two "rooms." He peers through a crack, SEES -- BILLY'S POV: a larger MUAY THAI BOXER in his 30's (ECKACHAI)....