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A publisher’s intellectual property rightImplications for freedom of expression, authors and open content policiesProf. dr. Mireille M.M. van EechoudJanuary 2017 This study was conducted on commission from OpenForum Europe. It was carried out independently, in conformity with the Declaration of Indepen-dence of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW).Special gratitude goes to all persons and organisations who have shared their insights with us, as well as to J. Bierens LLM, for invaluable research assistance. FOREWORD‘The unusually lucrative moment of late twentieth century is over, but it was an anomaly not the norm in the history of news provision’.Picard, 2014 4The proposed Copyright in the Digital Single Market Directive (COM(2016)593) of July 2016 would introduce a new intellectual property right for publishers of press publications, or ‘PIP’. Publishers would have the exclusive right to authorize or prohibit any reproduction (in whole or in part, direct or indir...