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ISSN 0798 1015HOME Revista ESPACIOS ! ÍNDICES ! A LOS AUTORES !Vol. 38 (Nº 05) Año 2017. Pág. 11A review of literature on the reasons thatcause the high dropout rates in the MOOCSUna revisión de la literatura sobre razones que causan la alta tasa dedeserción en los Cursos Masivos Abiertos (CMA)Luis Naito Mendes BEZERRA 1; Márcia Terra da SILVA 2Recibido: 23/08/16 • Aprobado: 12/10/2016Content1. Introduction2. The dropout process at MOOCS3. Systematic review of the literature about dropouts at the MOOCS4. Results and analysis5. ConclusionReferencesABSTRACT:The main purpose of this article is to try to identify thereasons that lead to higher dropout rates in the coursesoffered as MOOCs. For this purpose, there has been asystematic review of the literature. The results suggest 24different reasons for dropouts from MOOCS, and thesereasons have been divided into two groups: reasonsinherent to the very characteristics of the MOOCs and thoserelated to the development of the students during th...