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A Step-by-Step Prayer Guide for Muslim Men & Women www.tenfold.ngo PrefaceWe are honored and blessed to have authored this ‘Learn to pray guide’ in order to help and simplify the process of learning how to pray. We ask Allah u to continue pouring His blessings upon this project and make your path to learn how to pray, filled with light and ease. AmeenThe instructions and steps in this book are designed for both males and females wanting to learn how to pray.We understand and respect that there are differences in opinions in relation to certain actions in the prayer, however we chose not to include them in the book in order to simplify the learning process.The sole purpose of this book is to teach the basics of prayer, once you have learnt the foundations of prayer and wish to seek further knowledge, we encourage you to approach your local Mosque or Islamic Centre who can assist you with the guidance of the Qur’an and Sunnah of our beloved Prophet s.1 The Salah (Prayer)2The Salah (Praye...