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Journal of Content, Community & Communication Amity School of Communication Vol. 5 Year 3, June - 2017 [ISSN: 2395-7514 (Print)] Amity University, Madhya Pradesh [ISSN: 2456-9011 (Online)] 52 Discovering impaired superheroes in Hindi movies: A Study of characterization of disabled in movies and its impact on their social life Vikas Gawande* and Geeta Kashyap** ABSTRACT Disability or people with disabilities were a central theme of many cinema like Iqbal, Black, Koshish, Margarita with a Straw, etc. But the way cinema portrays people with disabilities and the way disable people co-relate themselves with that depiction is a matter of debate. In Indian Cinema, the relationship between Sympathy and Heroism is parallel. The golden rule is if the main protagonist is with special abilities, then first he earns the sympathy of the audience, then struggle for survival and finally ends up as a hero. The purpose of this study is to investigate the passion of Hindi cinema for Heroism and the way c...