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1 Nanyang Technological UniversityNanyang Business SchoolAB9602: LEADERSHIP IN ORGANIZATIONS _________________________________________________________________________ A)Course Aims/Description1.This 4AU elective course provides you with a critical, behavioural science-basedunderstanding of leadership (beyond intuition or ideas from popular media), and helps youto prepare for more effective leadership in the future. The course is designed for advancedundergraduate students who are preparing to transit to the world of work andorganizational life. Using seminars and workshops supplemented with assessments anda group assignment, you will gain a deeper understanding of leadership and thechallenges of leadership in various organizational contexts -- based on scientific theoryand research. You will be introduced to new frameworks and concepts of leadership, andalso gain greater self-awareness of yourself as a leader – including your motivation tolead, personality, interpersonal and team-relat...