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ACTIVE, BEAUTIFUL, CLEAN WATERS DESIGN GUIDELINES (4TH EDITION)Design Guidelines 4TH EDITION Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Transforming into a City of Gardens and Water 1.2 Ensuring a Robust, Sustainable and Affordable Water Supply 1.3 ABC Waters 1.4 Benefits of Embracing the ABC Waters Concept2 ABC WATERS: SUSTAINABLE STORMWATER MANAGEMENT 2.1 Traditional Stormwater Management 2.2 Holistic Stormwater Management 2.3 ABC Waters Management Strategy 2.4 On-Site Detention and Retention 2.5 Mainstreaming the ABC Waters Design3 GUIDELINES FOR ABC WATERS MANAGEMENT STRATEGY 3.1 Planning Considerations 3.2 Design Considerations4 PLANNING, DESIGN AND PERFORMANCE OF ABC WATERS DESIGN FEATURES 4.1 Catchment Elements 4.1.1 Planning Strategy 4.1.2 Analysis of a Typical Plaza 4.1.3 An Integrated Plaza with ABC Waters Design Features 4.1.4 Architectural Structures 4.1.5 Vehicular Roads and Pedestrian Walkways 4.2 Treatment Elements 4.2.1 Vegetated Swales 4.2.2 Bioretention Swales...