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r'l-.Jtrn:fnAbout Interpretation:Rend Magrftte' f'lt:":r;*:l_:Tl:lEn exptores conceprs of interprerarion by examining the paint_;' lnBS oI Rene Magritte, a popular and influential Surrealisi painter ol the twenti-eth century. The premise of this chapter, and of the whole Uootu, i, rhat anyone canengage in meaningfur inrerpretive thought and in meaningfur irrt".pr"tiu" tark aboutworks of art and that multiple interpretations are better than single interpretations. Ibegin with my investigation of o.r. of Magritte's paintings, in a kind of thinking-out-loud process, as I engage you in the process of constructing an interpretation of apainting. The chapter then introduces other voices into the discussion or Magritte,swork, including a short essay by Michei Foucault, the famous French schorar who re_constructed histories of ideas; an analysis of a ten-year personal examination of theartist and his work by Suzi Gablik, a contemporary American art critic; other recentscholarly views of Magrit...