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Abstract ExpressionismAnd The Art of Jackson Pollock Abstract Expressionism•"A term first used in connection with Kandinskyin 1919, but more commonly associated with post-war American art. Robert Coates, an American critic, coined it in 1946, referring to Gorky, Pollockand de Kooning. •By the 1951 Museum of Modern Art exhibition 'Abstract Painting and Sculpture in America', the term was used to refer to all types of non-geometric abstraction. •There are two distinct groups within the movement: Colour Fieldartists (Rothko, Newman, Still) worked with simple, unified blocks of colour; and gestural painters like Pollock, DeKooningand Hofmann who made use of Surrealisttechniques of automatic art.•Not all the artists associated with the term produced either purely abstract, or purely Expressionistwork: Harold Rosenburgpreferred the phrase Action Painting, whilst Greenberg used theless specific 'American Type Painting', and because of the concentration of artists in New York, they are also kn...