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1/18/12 Style #4 – Georgian Colonial 1690 - 1830 Spacious and comfortable, Georgian Colonial architecture reflected the rising ambition of a new country. Common Features: • Square, symmetrical shape • Paneled front door at center • Decorative crown over front door • Flattened columns on each side of door • Five windows across front • Paired chimneys • Medium pitched roof • Minimal roof overhang About the Georgian Colonial Style: Georgian Colonial became the rave in New England and the Southern colonies during the 1700's. Stately and symmetrical, these homes imitated the larger, more elaborate Georgian homes which were being built in England. But the genesis of the style goes back much farther. During the reign of King George I in the early 1700's, and King George III later in the century, Britons drew inspiration from the Italian Renaissance and from ancient Greece and Rome. Georgian ideals came to New England via pattern books, and Georgian styling became a favorite of well-to-do colo...