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Proceedings of 20th International Congress on Acoustics, ICA 2010 23-27 August 2010, Sydney, Australia ICA 2010 – Acoustics of the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall, Part One: The Client’s Perspective 1 ACOUSTICS OF THE SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE CONCERT HALL Part One: The Client’s Perspective Lisa Taylor and David Claringbold Sydney Opera House, Bennelong Point, Sydney NSW, Australia PACS: 43.55.Fw, 43.55.Gx ABSTRACT The Sydney Opera House, designed by Danish architect, Jørn Utzon (1918-2008), is a vibrant complex of performance spaces enclosed by one of the world’s most iconic structures. Design work commenced in 1957 and the building was completed in 1973. The interior of the Concert Hall was designed by Australian architect Peter Hall after Utzon returned to Denmark in 1966 following a dispute with the Government over a number of issues, including cost over-runs. The Acoustician for the Concert Hall was Vilhelm Lassen Jordan. Since the first concerts in the hall, musicians onstage and critic...