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Absence Name Description Additional Day Off (ADO) An alternate day off is a compensated day off, taken on an employee’s regularly scheduled work day, and made available to an employee assigned to a compressed/alternate work schedule when an observed holiday falls on the employee’s non-workday, pursuant to respective MOUs and CSU policy. Bereavement/Funeral Leave Compensable time off due to death of an employee’s immediate family member as defined in the respective collective bargaining agreement/CSU policy provision. Citizen’s Necessity Two (2) hours time off without loss of pay for a non-citizen Unit 4 employee to attend oath of allegiance ceremonies and/or for a Unit 4 employee to vote at a general, direct primary, or presidential primary election. Compensatory Time Off (CTO) Paid time off that was earned by an employee in lieu of receiving cash payment for overtime. CTO-Premium earn Time earned at the overtime (one and one-half times) rate. CTO-Straight Time earned at the straight (...