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PLANNING SERIESAdult Back to School Planner Catalogue Item # 686446This publication is available to download or order online at alis.alberta.ca/publications. Career practitionersThis booklet is part of a planning series that includes Career Planner and Education and Training Planner. It is written at a lower literacy level. This booklet is written for adults who are planning to go back to school. It will increase their personal management, learning and work exploration, and improve their ability to make life/work decisions. It will help them• understand how returning to school may require them to make changes in other areas of their life• explore time management, problem-solving, stress management and balancing life and school• understand the importance of asking for help and ways to do it• consider the advantages and disadvantages of various training options that suit their needs• think about how personal decisions impact them and others• create a short-term action plan to prepare for...