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Adventures in The Louvre Paris, France Copyright 2014 Corset Press. All rights reserved. The Louvre The Louvre is the national museum of France and more than 9.7 million people visit each year. That makes the Louvre the world’s most visited museum! It was first built as a palace for King Phillip II and has been changed and added to many times since it was Phillip started building it in the 12 century. The addition of the glass pyramid on 1989 was not something everyone loved. Some people thought it did not match the style of the older buildings. The pyramid has 672 glass panes. The Louvre is home to 35,000 objects of art and some are really famous. You would spend a week in the Louvre if you tried to see them all. Here are a few of the most famous. Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci In French, she is called La Joconde. She is the most famous painting in the world. Her real name is Lisa Gherardini and this painting was to celebrate the birth of her second son. It is special for several reaso...