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1 | Agile & IT ArchitectureThe JIT-JEA way of workingHow we do it | A TechnoVision implementation guideAGILE & IT ARCHITECTURE 2 | Agile & IT ArchitectureWELCOME TO THE JIT-JEA WAY OF WORKING Agility is a central requirement for many organizations. For organizations looking for a digital future, the question is no longer whether an agile innovation should be used, but which innovation, when, and how. Questions we should ask ourselves include: How to incorporate agility into the 2022 digital development plan and operating landscape? What steps would accelerate digital transformation? How best to architect in an agile way? At its core, the term “agile” refers to an iterative, incremental method of managing design and building activities with an aim of developing new products in a highly flexible and interactive manner. As noted in the 2019 Capgemini “Agile at Scale” report, companies are starting to adopt and scale agile ways of working, changing the way they work. And this change is als...