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Agronomic Crops IPM Logic Model Situation Inputs Outputs Outcomes-­Impacts Activities Participation Short Medium Long 1. Improved awareness, knowledge, and understanding of IPM & new reduced-­‐risk products and strategies 2. Increased awareness and ability to identify key pests, natural enemies and their roles in IPM 3. Increased awareness and technical knowledge of new IPM tools and practices among stakeholders 4. Increased understanding of the mechanisms and causes of pesticide resistance 5. Increased understanding of eco-­‐toxicological risks associated with pesticide use; risk indices & their role in identifying substituted pesticide practices. Possible Measures Document change in knowledge with surveys and audience response systems deployed at meetings and field days 1. Improved IPM programs in agronomic crops 2. Increased adoption and implementation of IPM and resistance management tactics 3. Improved use, timing, and precision placement of IPM technologies 4. Reduced dependence ...