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Primers: Itself.Topcoats:Can be over coated with all kinds of alkyd. Forother suitable topcoats, consult Al-Jazeera TSD.Minimum Maximum Recommended(μm) mil (μm) mil (μm) milDry FilmThickness (DFT) 25 1 75 3 40 1.6Wet FilmThickness (WFT) 46 1.85 136 5.5 73 2.9m2/l ft2/USgal m2/l ft2/USgal m2/l ft2/US galTheoreticalSpreading Rate 22 882 7.33 294 13.75 551Temperature:1) surface: at least (3°C) above dew point.2) ambient: minimum10°C & maximum 43°C.Relative humidity: maximum 85%.Drying times are generally related to air circulation, tempera-ture, film thickness and number of coats, and will be affectedcorrespondingly.Temperature 25°C/77°FRelative Humidity 50%Surface Dry 1 hourHard Dry 8 hoursDry to recoat, minimum 4.5 hours @ 45°CDry to recoat, maximum* -------Full Cured: 24 hoursNote: All records given in the table are typical at: recom-mended film thickness, good ventilation and one coatsystem.*The surface should be dry and clean prior to application.The best time to recoat is before pre...