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Alfred SchutzPeter L. BergerThomas Luckmannbrought to you by COREView metadata, citation and similar papers at core.ac.ukprovided by Firenze University Press: E-JournalsSOCIETÀMUTAMENTOPOLITICA, ISSN 2038-3150, vol. 6, n. 12, pp. 245-277, 2015www.fupress.com/smp – © Firenze University Press DOI: 10.13128/SMP-17857Schutz, Berger and Luckmann.The question of the natural attitudeLuigi MuzzettoThe purpose of this paper is to highlight different interpretations of the fundamental characteristics ofthe natural attitude, as formulated by Berger and Luckmann, and Alfred Schutz respectively. The firstpart of the paper explores the notion of taken-for-granted in the everyday life-world in The Social Con-struction of Reality by Berger and Luckmann and The Problem of Multiple Realities: Alfred Schutzand Robert Musil by Berger. The two essays show the presence of a articulated vision based on the sametheoretical matrix. The second part of the paper analyses the essential characteristics of the natu...