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Please visit www.philips.com/sleepdxAlice 6 LDxdiagnostic sleep system Full-featured flexibility What if you could have a PSG systemthat helped you meet your ever changingbusiness and clinical needs? Pair the LDxbase station with either the LDxS orLDxN head box to have a full-featured,easy-to-understand system that allowsstaff to focus more on patients and lesson equipment. The LDxS is the perfectfront-line head box for most sleep centerneeds. Place the LDxN into usewhen you need to step up from the 19EEG inputs on the LDxS to a full 32 EEGinputs. The LDx base station works witheither head box, so it’s easy to have theright capability where, and when, you need it.•Integrated RIP driver, dedicated differential pressure transducer, and “keyhole” inputs (reduces the number of connections during hook up)•Patent-pending chin EMG technology thatmonitors all three chin EMG inputs andselects the best pair in real-time•7 ECG channels (3 physical and 4 derived)•Continuous impedance recording for...