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Johnson County K-State Research and Extension 11811 S. Sunset, Ste. 1500, Olathe, Kansas 66061-7057 (913) 715-7000 — www.johnson.k-state.edu 1 Published by the Johnson County Extension Master Gardeners, a volunteer program of K-State Research and Extension, Johnson County Getting edgy All About Edging A “smart” edging should harmonize with the rest of your landscape, suit your budget, and help reduce landscape maintenance. —Rita Pelczar Why do we want to put edging around our gardens? From a practical standpoint, edging keeps grass from invading shrub or garden areas. It keeps pathway materials out of gardens and lawns. From a cost and maintenance standpoint, a raised edging prevents erosion by keeping soil and mulch from washing out of beds during heavy rains. Additionally, decorative edgings serve as an attractive element to the landscape. If materials are selected that complement the style, color and materials used elsewhere on or around the house, they help unify the overall landsc...