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All about iSettle™ At Harris County Appraisal District, we continue to push the boundaries of computer and other technologies to ensure better service and offer fair and equal market valuations of property in our county. We were one of the first property tax agencies in the nation to put our records on the Internet, and the first in Texas to provide on‐line filing of protests and property renditions. The new iSettle™ program extends this outreach. iSettle™ is a new approach to handling disputes over a property’s value. In the traditional system, you file your protest by email or in person, wait weeks or months to have your protest scheduled, and then have to come to the district’s offices for two appointments. The first appointment is for an informal settlement conference with an appraiser. Most protests are settled at this conference. If the protest isn’t settled, you can go on to a second appointment to appear before the appraisal review board. In the iSettle™ system, you fileyour pr...