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AMI MONTESSORI DIPLOMA ELEMENTARY 6-12Course BrochureCAPACITYLEGACYAMIOUTREACH Page 2 AMI Montessori Diploma Elementary 6-12A minimum of 440 hours of classroom based training including lectures and a minimum of 140 hours of practice with Montessori materials under supervision. A minimum of 210 hours of observation and vocational placement in Montessori settings.The study of Montessori pedagogy and child development as well as an interdisciplinary approach to the study of human beings, their endeavours and relationship with the universe for children from six to twelve years.AMI 3-6 Diploma OR attendance on the AMI Foundation Course, which is a 5-week full-time preparatory course run prior to the start of the 6-12 course.Completion of the units as specified is required for award of this qualification.AMI Montessori Diploma course applicants are typically required to provide the following with their application:• Current resume• Certified copies of all academic transcripts• Short essay, w...