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Effective S1 2016 Reformat Senate App 29 Jun 2016 Module code AN-4311 Module Title Systemic Functional Grammar Degree/Diploma Bachelor of Arts (English Studies) Type of Module Major Option/Breadth Modular Credits 4 Total student workload 8 hours/week Contact hours 4 hours/week Prerequisite AN-1201 Introduction to English Language and Linguistics, AN-2309 The Structure of English Anti-requisite None Aims To bring students beyond knowing about the forms of grammatical structures to the functions of grammatical structures in context. It raises language student awareness of talking about grammar from a functional perspective. The module also aims to help students write texts that effectively convey the appropriate purpose and communicative effect. Learning Outcomes Lower order : 30% - Recall of terms and functional labels for the word classes - Know the three key functions of language in functional grammar Middle order : 30% - Apply the knowledge of terms and functional labels to clauses i...