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98 F&TBanpo fountainA whirlpool of pungent street foods, kaleidoscopic neon lights and eclectic boutiques awaits in Asia’s heart and soulSeoul Searchingcity guidecity guide F&T 99Seoul — jam-packed with plundering skyscrapers, brightly lit neon signs and an explosive culinary scene — is truly a city of epic proportions. With a population of over 10 million people, the dynamic South Korean capital is after all one of the largest cities in the world. For decades, it has been coyly hiding behind the shadow of its neighbouring brother, Tokyo. Today, Seoul has come into its own, emerging as the latest Asian powerhouse.For the uninitiated, Seoul is a sensory overload: its gastronomy, culture and architecture evoke expressions of superlative magnitudes. The most colourful street food scene, the oldest temple and the raunchiest red-light district — it’s all here in Seoul. Amidst its futuristic buildings stand ancient palaces and pine-fringed park, and tucked between massive malls are sprawling...