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An IntroductIon to corpus LInguIstIcsPart 1Using Corpora in the Language Learning Classroom: Corpus Linguistics for Teachers Gena R. Bennett http://www.press.umich.edu/titleDetailDesc.do?id=371534 Michigan ELT, 2010 2 Using Corpora in the Language Learning ClassroomThe principles of corpus linguistics have been around for almost a century. Lexicographers, or dictionary makers, have been collecting exam-ples of language in use to help accurately define words since at least the late 19th century. Before computers, these examples of language were essentially collected on small slips of paper and organized in pigeon holes. The advent of computers led to the creation of what we consider to be modern-day corpora. The first computer-based corpus, the Brown corpus, was created in 1961 and comprised about 1 million words. Today, generalized corpora are hundreds of millions of words in size, and cor-pus linguistics is making outstanding contributions to the fields of second language research and...