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Cambridge University Press978-1-107-07064-6 — An Introduction to Language and LinguisticsEdited by Ralph W. Fasold , Jeff Connor-LintonFrontmatterMore Informationwww.cambridge.org© in this web service Cambridge University PressAn Introduction toLanguage and LinguisticsA clear and up-to-date introduction to linguistics, this bestselling textbook addresses the full scope oflanguage, from the traditional subjects of structural linguistics (relating to sound, form, meaning, andlanguage change) to the more specialized subjects of contextual linguistics (including discourse,dialect variation, language and culture, and the politics of language). There are also separatechapters on language and the brain, computational linguistics, writing, and first and second languagelearning. Extensively classroom-tested, this second edition has been revised to further supportstudent learning, with numerous new examples, exercises, and textboxes to model and contextualizekey concepts. Updated throughout to i...