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AN OPEN-AND-SHUT CASWHY DAVID FINCHER'S ZODIAC IS THE FILM OF THE YEAR BY KENT JONESLIKE ANOTHER FILM shor in SanFrancisco 50 years earlier, Zodiac wearsits greatness lightly. Which is to say thatneither the master of suspense in 1958nor the digital-era genius oi 2007 set outto create "art cinema," but arrived therethrough a sheer immersion in theirimmediate material and respective sensesof craft. Something in these storiesincited an unusual depth of responsefrom both filmmakers, among the mostobsessive ever to step behind a camera.Something mysterious and intangible.Fincher has never made another movielike Zodiac. Tn the past, he bas sought outstories tbat seem to have roughly alignedwith his temperament, technically and emo-tionally. Here, he appears to have shapedeverv' square inch of his material, and behas taken it (or let it take him) to anextremely fine end point. Just as Hitchcockdid with Vertigo, be soars well past thepoint of a "real movie," as currentlydefined. By the time y...