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project profileanchorwall.comPrivate Residence PARKESBURG KNOLL, PENNSYLVANIAthe contractor installed a retaining wall that enlarged the yard and saved the builder money because the Anchorplex™ system eliminated the need for deep excavation.ProDUcT Anchorplex™ retaining wall system, incorporating Diamond Pro Stone Cut® wall units manUFacTUrEr New Holland Concrete New Holland, PennsylvaniaDEsign BUilD conTracTor Vintage Landscaping Paradise, PennsylvaniaThE challEngE An empty spec home is a lost sale for builders. It also provides a challenge for the builder and real estate agent to find creative ways to improve the property quickly and economically, so that a prospective buyer will fall in love with the home and purchase it. This was the situation in a new development in Parkesburg Knoll, Pennsylvania. The new homes were perfect on the inside. But the builder had to look no farther than out the back door at the scant 16 feet of usable yard space to understand that it didn’t meet expect...