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www.historyforkids.net Name: ___________________________ Date: _______________________ Ancient Chinese Architecture Directions: Read each question carefully and fill in the blank with the correct answer. 1. _______________ is a Chinese word for palace where an imperial family lived. 2. Chinese architecture is most famous for the _______________. 3. A _______________ is a pavilion made of wood, stone, or bamboo. 4. The _______________ has a blue roof. 5. A _______________ was a two-story pavilion that had a door and windows on the front side. The other three sides were walls. 6. A _______________ is an elevated terrace with a flat top, generally built of cement and stone and surfaced with brick. 7. A _______________ had a front hall with the statue of Bodhisattva. 8. U shaped houses were built using _______________ architecture. 9. _______________ symbolize the Chinese nationality. 10. During the _______________ Dynasty, architects built fancier pagodas with eight sides like the White P...