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Research Journal of English Language and Literature (RJELAL) A Peer Reviewed (Refereed) International Journal Impact Factor 6.8992 (ICI) http://www.rjelal.com; Email:[email protected] ISSN:2395-2636 (P); 2321-3108(O) Vol.6.Issue 1. 2018 (Jan-Mar) 339 NAMITHA ELIZABETH SMART AKALE: ANHONEST TRANSPOSITION OF THE GLASS MENAGERIE NAMITHA ELIZABETH SMART MA English Language and Literature Kerala,India ABSTRACT When approaching a film adaptation of a novel, it is important to consider the various differences between the two mediums. Adaptations are mostly criticised on the basis of the film's fidelity to the original events of the novel references are constantly made to what is left out or changed, instead of what is there. More than often a three hundred page novel is made into a two-three hour movie, and a great deal of content is sacrificed .Screenwriters and filmmakers may attempt to remain faithful to the source novel, they must meet the requirements of the mass film public Each no...