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1 ANNEX B LOCAL ARTWORKS (ULTRA) LIGHT NETWORK By Felix Raspall, Carlos Bañón, Manuel Garrido and Mohan Elara (Singapore) The Promontory (ultra) light network exposes nature’s basis as networks of energy and information flows and portrays the duality of light as luminous energy and light as immaterial quality. An ultra-light structure floats 2.5m overhead, consisting of 150 organic-shaped 3D printed nodes connected into a volumetric mesh. The presence of activity near the structure triggers dynamic patterns of light that pick up in intensity as more people approach the structure. About the artist A multidisciplinary team of spatial, lighting and interaction designers based in Singapore. Felix Raspall has a background in architecture and 3D design; Carlos Bañón is an architect with an interest in parametric design; Manuel Garrido is an international stage lighting designers; Mohan Rajesh Elara is an engineer specialising in Human-Machine Interfaces. 2 DANDE-LIER By COLOURS x Web Structu...