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Annexure-I Political Science Syllabus BA-3rd Year (Semester –VI) Major Core/Minor Elective Course (MEC) C-VI Code MEC: BAPOL0614 Course: Indian Foreign Policy Course Code Code –C/E: BAPol 0614 Credits -4 L (L = Lecture) T (T= Tutorial) L-3, T-1 Course Type Core/Elective course Lecture to be delivered (I hr. each), (L = 48, T = 12 Semester End Examination System Maximum Marks Allotted Minimum Pass Marks Time Allowed 50 23 3.00 Hrs. Continuous comprehensive Assessment (CCA) Pattern: Minor Test (Marks) Class Test/Tutorials/ Assignments (Marks) Quiz/Seminars (Marks) Attendance Total Marks Test-I 15 10 5 5 50 Test-II 15 10 5 5 Total 30 Course Content and Scheme Unit Topic Allotted Time I L T P i. Meaning and Nature of Foreign Policy, ii. Objectives of Indian Foreign policy iii. Determinants of Indian foreign Policy iv. Domestic Sources of Indian foreign Policy 11 04 0 II i. NAM: Objectives and role ii. The Crises of Non-Alignment Policy iii. Relevance of NAM in Contemporary world 12 03 0 II...